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The family business Privatkelterei Van Nahmen has its origins in 1917, when great-grandfather Wilhelm van Nahmen started the company with the production of apple syrup. Since the 1930s, people have specialized in fruit juices and we also carry an extensive range of gastronomically high-quality alcohol-free fruit juices, Frucht-Secco's and Sparkling Juicy Tea from the Chateau Petrus under the Fruit juices.

We are not talking here just about fruit juices, but about the Grandcru among the fruit juices. Not surprising that you can also find these products in the high end Horeca and even in 2 and 3 * restaurants such as the Librije.

The hand-picked fruit comes straight from the orchards and is pressed and processed by Van Nahmen himself, without additional additives. Only the coolest fruit is eligible. The farmers are expected to leave the fruit on the tree for as long as possible. According to owner Peter Van Nahmen, this slow food idea contributes to the quality of the juice. Let the tree break when the fruit is the ripest. Only when the tree is almost releasing and dropping the fruit is it time to harvest. At that time, the fruit is full of flavor and aroma. And you can taste that in the juice.

For his juices, Peter uses one variety as much as possible for each type of fruit. Indeed, just like the monocépage wines made from one grape variety. Van Nahmen likes to experiment with traditional fruit varieties. The juice manufacturer also encourages farmers to grow fruit varieties that are less popular with large supermarkets. The age-old apple variety Sternrenette (known to us as the star apple, the classic Christmas apple), for example, only grows in a few orchards. The taste of this juice is stronger and fresher than the taste of 'regular' apple juice, which is made from a mix of apple varieties. Nowadays Van Nahmen now offers a range of almost thirty different juices, often from singe varietal, sometimes a blend. And very special, also from famous wine grapes such as Dornfelder and Riesling. Serving tip? Pour into a beautiful wine glass, possibly with sparkling spring water or sparkling wines such as Champagne, Cava or Prosecco (ratio 1: 1).

The Riesling grapes come from Rheinhessen and deliver a very refined grape juice. The highest quality standards are observed throughout the entire process, from vineyard to harvest to pressing. The juice is characterized by fresh aromas and delicate notes such as apple, lemon and peach. This is certainly a very good alternative to wine when it comes to taste, but certainly for non-alcoholic wine because the fermentation process in alcohol-free wine unintentionally removes flavors and character, which is certainly not the case with this Riesling fruit juice. 0% alcohol, 100% taste.

To make this Riesling fruit juice follow the highest quality standards, everything starts with the selection in the vineyard and the determination of the optimal harvest time for the grape-friendly harvest. The "large" German Riesling variety offers a special taste experience. Their fresh aroma is characterized by delicate notes of apple, lemon and peach. The grape juices are characterized by high quality and good development potential. During the maturing process on the bottle, the juice releases excess acid in the form of so-called "tartar". First, very fine, snowflake-like, clear miniature crystals grow together like vine leaves. Later, these many small crystals become larger, sometimes even amber, to form large crystals. The color can vary greatly depending on what other minerals are included in the tartar formation. It is a natural process that indicates the maturity of the bottle and especially confirms the naturalness. The crystals do not come from the bottom of the bottle when you pour gently

Thanks to the grape sweet ideal to drink as "schorle", 1: 1 mixed with sparkling water. Serve instead of semi-dry white wines, versatile for meat dishes or spicy pasta with chicken.

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