Spiegelau Definition Universele wijnglazen - 6 stuks

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The series of wine glasses from Spiegelau combines functionality and aesthetics with unprecedented lightness. Elegance meets lightness! With a weight of only 120 g (universal glass), the glass lies almost like a feather in the hand. Definition glasses are designed to bring out the aromas and flavors of a wine at their best. The fully dishwasher safe glasses of the Definition-Crystal series are designed and made in Germany. They underline Spiegelau's clear commitment to quality and sustainability.

The Spiegelau Definition Universal crystal wine glasses are specially designed for every wine, but it fits perfectly with beautiful white wines and the better roses, but also a red wine feels great at home because the glass is still very spacious with a serious chalice, so also this Universal Definition van Spiegelau is a beautifully large, light and very elegantly chic glass. In the generous chalice, each wine develops into a beautiful, balanced drink. The glass emphasizes the fruit and reduces the bitterness of the tannins. Due to the wafer-thin crystal glass, the glass lies like a feather in the hand.


  • Height: 237mm
  • Largest diameter: 92 mm
  • Content: 550 ml
  • Quantity: 6 glasses


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Brand Spiegelau
Type Accessories Glassware
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