Vleermuizen Vogelhuis Grandcruwijnen

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At Grandcruwijnen we have a unique range of famous wines which we sell per piece and in many cases these wines are in a beautiful wooden box. When the box is empty, we have a creative carpenter, who works together with a designer, make beautiful furniture. Always unique and there is always only 1 version of the furniture. The furniture is made of an MDF frame on which the fronts of the boxes are glued, so it is sturdy and very solid.

Bats are very special animals that could use some help. It is becoming increasingly difficult for bats to find a good hiding place to hibernate and breed. With a bat box you help them out of the fire. The Grandcruwijnen Bat Birdhouse or Nest Box is specially made for these unique animals. The Bat House is a shelter especially for bats; the shape, size and entry opening have been specially designed for this animal. The best place is in a tree. The bat mainly eats insects, which they usually catch at dusk and are tracked through their echolocation. In winter there are hardly any insects in the Netherlands, which is why bats in the Netherlands hibernate. They often hibernate in large numbers in caves, icehouses, bunkers or fortresses.

The front of the Bat House always has a front of a famous winery. The image is therefore illustrative and yes Sassicaia, Vega sicilia and Harlan Nest boxes were made. We recommend treating the wood for a longer life. If desired, it is best to treat this with stain or clear lacquer. Stain leaves a layer that protects the wood for up to five years against weather influences and aging. Clear lacquer also protects the wood against weather influences, but to a lesser extent than stain.

Hang the cabinet on a sturdy tree (preferably in a place where several trees are present) or on a building. Hang the cabinet with the front facing the sunlight, south or southwest. Bats are real heat lovers. Hang the cabinet in a quiet place, with little disturbance.

  • Fix bat box at least 3 meters from the ground;
  • Confirm in a sunny spot, but with sufficient shelter
  • Provide a free flight path
  • Among ecologists, the prevailing cardinal points are in order of activity: South is best, then west, then east. Noord is not suitable for bats because it is too cold.

Height 58cm
Width: 26cm
Thickness: 12cm

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Type Accessories Wine furniture
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