Coravin Pure™ Capsule 6 stuks (navul)

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Type Accessories Coravin Capsules
Brand Coravin
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The Coravin system makes it possible to pour a glass of wine without uncorking the bottle. The wine that remains in the bottle retains its quality and can be kept for years without losing taste.

By means of a stainless steel Teflon-coated needle that goes through the cork, the noble argon gas (prevents oxidation) is 'injected' into the bottle. This creates pressure, causing the wine to be 'pressed' out of the bottle by the same needle. Any oxygen that wants to enter the bottle is stopped by the argon, which is heavier than oxygen. Not removing the cork from the bottle allows the wine to continue to develop, while it would normally oxidize once poured.

Thanks to the Coravin, the quality of the wine is thus preserved and special wines - which usually remain in the wine cellar for a long time - can simply be served by the glass. The bottle remains unopened and untouched, but can be drunk.

The Coravin Pure™ is a refill set of 6 argon gas-filled capsules that are the power source for the Coravin system. The amount of glasses that can be poured per capsule varies. On average, the capsule contains enough for 15 glasses of 15cl.

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Type Accessories Coravin Capsules
Brand Coravin
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