Zieher Vision Fresh wijnglazen - 2 stuks

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Brand Zieher
Content 0.34 ltr
Type Accessories Glassware
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The Zieher brand is an established name within the top of the Horeca. They stand for design products that they supply to only the best hotels and restaurants, in more than 90 countries in the world! Hand blown. Zieher eyewear is all about top quality craftsmanship, which is created in one of the most innovative and best glassblowers in the world. Each glass is unique and is made from lead-free crystal glass using a traditional hand-blown method.

The Vision glasses are of top quality. A fine example of craftsmanship, made in the most innovative glassworks in the world. Each glass is unique, because it is still blown in the traditional way from lead-free crystal glass. This line is not only available for the very best restaurants or hotels, but also for the very best person: namely, for you.

The glasses in the VISION range not only have a perfect, very refined and fascinating design, but also guarantee maximum aroma and optimal development of the wine. However, it is above all the fascination of the light, the colors and the visual depth that make it impossible to take your eyes off the glass, because: You've never seen wine like this!"

In addition to the design being fascinating and sophisticated, the Vision glasses also ensure the maximum aroma and development of the wine. The different types of Vision glasses all have their own purpose. Rather than limiting the glasses to red or white, these wine glasses have an extra purpose. The names of the glasses say exactly what happens to the aroma of the wine.

This "Fresh" glass is ideal for sparkling and fresh white and rosé wines. Due to the large opening of the glass, the carbon dioxide remains well distributed in the glass. This way you taste the same as you smell and the taste is not disturbed by an "explosion" of bubbles. This glass allows the aroma to be concentrated, allowing the wine to express its exquisitely lively, refreshing character. The development of the aromas and fresh sour notes are encouraged by the Fresh glass.

The wines that look best in this glass are:
- Extremely fresh white wines
- Prossecco, champagne and all other sparkling wines
- Light rosé

This package contains 2 hand blown crystal glasses:
content: 340 ml
diameter: 8 cm
height: 24cm

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Brand Zieher
Content 0.34 ltr
Type Accessories Glassware
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