Spiegelau Definition Digestive dessertwijnglazen - 6 stuks

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Spiegelau's series of wine glasses combines functionality and aesthetics with unprecedented lightness. Elegance meets lightness! With a weight of only 120 g (universal glass), the glass feels almost like a feather in the hand. Definition glasses are designed to showcase a wine's aromas and flavors at their best. The fully dishwasher safe glasses of the Definition-Krystal series are designed and made in Germany. They underline Spiegelau's clear commitment to quality and sustainability.

This Spiegelau Definition Port glass or Digestive glass from the Definition collection is crystal clear, feather light and made of unprecedented thin glass. The glass is so thin that you are almost in direct contact with the contents. And it is as light as a feather in the hand. This Port glass is truly unique and made to experience the aromas and flavors at its best. You can drink port or dessert wine from this crystal clear digestif glass from the Special Glasses collection. But it is also suitable for liqueur or distilled. And everything you drink from this beautiful glass is more festive and has more flavor than if you drink it from an ordinary glass. The natural, round shapes give this crystal glass a timeless look. This makes it the perfect digestif glass for any occasion. A characterful port, a beautiful dessert wine and a delicious sweet liqueur. They all deserve this beautiful Port glass or Digestive glass from Spiegelau's Definition collection.


  • Height: 218mm
  • Largest diameter: 72 mm
  • Content: 130 ml
  • Quantity: 6 glasses


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Brand Spiegelau
Type Accessories Glassware
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