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Aubert & Mathieu is the adventure of two friends who want to change the way wine is produced and consumed: a modern and committed vision. They make wines from the best terroirs of the Languedoc Roussillon! The wines are characterized by our style, which fluctuates between the freshness, the greed of the fruit and the respect for the typicity of the terroirs. High quality, cheerful and non-conformist. A committed vision for the planet is an important element in the vision. The world of tomorrow is being built today. This is put into action with so there is serious attention to operating C02 neutral, preserving local biodiversity, meaningful viticulture and ecologically designed packaging.

Aubert & Mathieu offsets its CO2 emissions by joining the ECOLOGI initiative. This association makes it possible to plant hundreds of trees every year. Because the forest is the best solution for the climate and biodiversity. More original, the house also supports humanitarian and environmental projects. By becoming a member of ECOLOGI you support these kinds of projects that enable the energy independence of different countries.

Aubert & Mathieu also supports the AMPA association (Montpellier), which is committed to protecting and protecting bees, their environment and the heritage of beekeeping in Languedoc. By protecting the bees, which play an essential role in the development of the vine, they are also committed to preserving the terroir

Aubert & Mathieu advocates meaningful viticulture, listening to nature and avoiding the addition of synthetic products in the vineyard and cellar as much as possible. All of their products are organic or in conversion.

An Eco Responsibility starts with the design of our products. The packaging of the wines is 100% ecologically designed and recyclable: The bottles are made from recycled glass. The bottles are lighter than usual and are produced in the south of France. The labels and boxes are made from organic and recycled materials, Imprim Vert and FSC certified. Cork stoppers are also FSC certified, which contributes to responsible forest management.

With the Terroir range, we invite you to discover the most beautiful appellations of Languedoc Roussillon! This range brings together the best terroirs of the region and invites you to a beautiful sensory walk in the region of origin. It shows the nuances and particularities of each appellation : Terrasses du Larzac, Corbières, Minervois la Livinière and Côtes du Roussillon Villages Caramany. The cuvées are not only representative of the terroir, but also reflect the Aubert & Mathieu style. Our wines fluctuate between freshness and fruit, to offer you an unforgettable tasting experience.

The fact that sparing and sensible use of our planet and making beautiful products go hand in hand is evidenced by the fact that the Aubert & Mathieu are the wines served in the KLM Business Lounge and also served in KLM/Air France Business class. .

At Grandcruwijnen, we think it is important that people can find their preferred flavor. That is why we came up with the idea of the sample box. This does not just consist of a number of wines, but of themed wines specially selected by our vinologists. With the sample boxes you can try different wines and find your own taste.

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All of our sample boxes have a number of things in common, mainly that they are all (international) class wines and that they are extra competitively priced. A document with all wine descriptions and a table for making tasting notes is added to each test box. What could be more fun than selecting your favorite wine in this way together with friends and / or family.

You can buy sample boxes in various price ranges quickly and easily online at

Order sample boxes online at

You can buy sample boxes online at Grandcruwijnen, which is the wine and delicacy business with one of the largest wine collections in the Netherlands and Belgium. Here you can order both specialty wines and delicacies, as well as wine for every budget. Quality products, fast delivery & reliable service, that is Grandcruwijnen!