Online Winetasting via Webcasting

This special time calls for special initiatives, and this is one of them. An online winetasting via webcasting.

Due to the mandatory distance, it is not possible for us to organize regular winetastings. We will not let this put us off and come up with a great alternative: a winetasting via webcasting! Great for wine clubs and also very suitable as a company outing, team building event or simply as a token of appreciation for your employees.

Together with you we create a tasting box with the desired wines. Then you can sit back and we will take care of the rest. We will send the wines, possibly with tasting note forms and an aroma wheel, and after a few days we will take care of the tasting. We can organize the webcasting for you from a minimum of 30 participants.

Participants can follow the webcast at home, easily from their PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone and thus come into direct contact with the winemakers who talk passionately about their work. Participants will receive extensive information about the winery, the region, the grape varieties and an explanation of the wines framed by live images from the winery and the vineyard – an unprecedented unique experience! The wines are discussed extensively one by one and then tasted. Questions can be asked via the chat and these are answered live by the experts. Our tastings are deliberately together with a winery and together with the winemaker and we want to create more interaction with the winery when you visit it. This is much more fun than just a dusty zoom or teams session and to give this content we do this with at least 4 wines because you can include 2 types of wine (white and red) and also the style (nurture on oak, stainless steel, Sur lie, etc.) in a tasting.

For more information or to book a webcasting, please contact us via [email protected] or call: 078-6450615


How does it work?

We will then set up a zoom session and send this link so that the participants can follow the webcast at home. Our tastings are therefore always together with a winery and winemaker, which gives a tasting just that little bit extra. In most cases, the session is in English. All questions of the participants can be asked to us via the chat function and we will then ask them to the winery so that we keep the virtual session clear; these questions can therefore also be asked in Dutch.

The duration of the tasting is somewhat flexible but takes an average of 1 – 1.5 hours maximum. The sessions are informal and certainly not pedantic or heavy. We design our tastings in such a way that it feels like you are visiting a winery during a vacation or wine tour – informative but also informal. The package that we compile contains 4 – 6 wines and we do this in consultation. This is the minimum necessary to make it a nice tasting so that differences in wine and style can be made clear in a fun way (5 is ideal).

Since we only work with high end wineries and quality wines, these wines (if vacuumed) can also be kept good for a week after they have been opened. We can send the packages directly to the participants (or we can send them to a central location and they can of course also be collected from us).

We will send a zoom invitation to the participants beforehand, along with a short email with some explanation about the session and how it works (e.g. about asking questions). We will then work in a pleasant, informal but still informative way.


A typical agenda is (but we also do this in consultation and depending on the audience):

√ the 7 steps of wine tasting – a 10 minute wine course
√ background country-region of the wines to be tasted
√ explanation / background of the winery
√ we will then taste the wines in peace, piece by piece, where the winemaker introduces the wine and explains something about the grape, how it is made and what to taste
√ We record the tasting in its entirety so that it can be reviewed later or participants who are unexpectedly unable to attend can still see the session.


Cost indication

Depending on the composition of the package, a wine package with 4 wines costs around 50 – 65 euros including VAT and excluding 5.95 EUR shipping. In the end, we only charge the sum of the 4 individual wines. With the ideal 5 wine set this costs around 75 – 80 euros including VAT and then there are no more shipping costs. This is an all-in price, so we do not charge any additional costs for the Online Tasting. The cost is simply the sum of the wines in the package and there are no further additional costs for the tasting. And of course you can also pass on a theme that we will treat (e.g. a chardonnay tasting, difference between cool and warm climate, etc.) and we can put together a package for this, which also includes money that is the sum of the number of wines. Here, however, these types of theme tastings are a bit more difficult to schedule with a wine company and we will have these taken care of by our vinologist.

See below for inspiration a number of online tasting packages with wineries with which we can do a very fun and inspiring tasting:

Ribera del Duero - Emilio Moro – 4 wines, 1 white and 3 red

Piemonte - Montaribaldi – 4 wines, 2 white and 2 red

A nice tasting can also be embellished with a delicious grandcru-worthy delicacy such as a delicious slice of 48+ aged cheese, delicious Jamon Bellota Iberica ham, freshly roasted nuts or a fuet. All products are freshly made and are vacuum packed.

Online Theme Wine Tasting

We also regularly organize open online tastings. The tasting concerns a specific winery or theme and you can register individually for this. You then only pay for the matching wine package.

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