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The Grenache is a French variant of the Garnacha. The most widely planted blue grape in Spain. Excellent for assembly, although the best garnacha wines come from Priorato and usually form a monocépage there. Garnacha is an important component of the traditional rioja (usually up to 30 percent). In France, this grape is used almost exclusively as a cépage with other grape varieties. The garnacha is a true Mediterranean grape that is addicted to the heat. The grape variety travels after the sun, regularly changing its name. Grenache is a strong grape variety for red wine, which can withstand extreme heat. The grape is originally from Spain, where it is called Garnacha. This grape grows well in warm and dry areas. That is why they are found in southern France, Spain, Australia, South America and California. This grape is the most cultivated variety for red wine production worldwide. The grape has a thin skin with little pigment and is therefore very suitable for producing rosé. In addition, it can mature for a long time, which often results in a high sugar content. The result is often a strong, fruity, almost sweet port-like wine. The wines of the Grenache are characterized by a very fruity almost sweet taste in which blackberries and some pepper can be discovered. The Grenache is also mixed with other grape varieties. In France they are found in the Rhône wines, including in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. In the Spanish region of Rioja it is mainly mixed with the Tempranillo grape. The vine is resistant to all kinds of diseases. This grape is popular in Navarre and the rest of Northern Spain. In France, Grenache is grown in Provence, the southern Rhône, Roussillon and Languedoc. It is the dominant grape in Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines. It is also planted in Australia, Italy and North Africa

Synonyms Grenache noir (France) Garnacha tinta Garnacha de Alicante Lledoner Cannonau (Sardinia)

At Grandcruwijnen, we think it is important that people can find their preferred flavor. That is why we came up with the idea of the sample box. This does not just consist of a number of wines, but of themed wines specially selected by our vinologists. With the sample boxes you can try different wines and find your own taste.

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All of our sample boxes have a number of things in common, mainly that they are all (international) class wines and that they are extra competitively priced. A document with all wine descriptions and a table for making tasting notes is added to each test box. What could be more fun than selecting your favorite wine in this way together with friends and / or family.

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