Zieher Decanteer karaf Doppio

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Brand Zieher
Content 0.34 ltr
Type Accessories Glassware
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The Zieher brand is an established name within the top of the Horeca. They stand for design products that they supply to only the best hotels and restaurants, in more than 90 countries in the world! Hand blown. Zieher is all about top quality craftsmanship, created in one of the most innovative and best glassblowers in the world. Each glass is unique and is made of lead-free crystal glass using a traditional, hand-blown method and high-end glasses also include a beautiful decanter decanter and the Rolls Royce under the decanter is the Doppio from Zieher.

In the “Doppio” decanter, wine is given a double stage that attracts attention and provides surprising effects. Attractive visual effects already appear during pouring when the wine is distributed over both levels of the "Doppio" carafe. It almost seems as if the wine is floating.

In addition to the natural flow of the wine, which flows through the inside of the carafe on the two levels, the division into two levels also has an extremely beneficial effect on the development of the wine. The splitting creates a significantly larger surface area of ​​the wine with a relatively small space requirement on the table, so that wine gets maximum oxygen contact. The distribution also remains during pouring, so that the cascade flow creates a waterfall effect, which additionally increases the aeration through vortexing.

The Zieher Doppio is handmade from high-quality borosilicate glass, which is robust and easy to clean. Borosilicate glass, also called hard glass, is made from borosilicate. This is a salt that consists of silicic acid and boron. This composition is much stronger but also much lighter than normal glass

The ideal load for the Doppio carafe carafe is a standard 0.75 liter bottle to generate maximum oxygen contact and the most beautiful optical effects. The designer of the Doppio is Itamar Harari

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Brand Zieher
Content 0.34 ltr
Type Accessories Glassware
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