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Champagne Taittinger is one of the major international brands (Grandes Marques) of the champagne region and is sold in more than 130 countries. Under the leadership of Mr Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger, daughter Vitalie (Marketing) and son Clovis (Export), the champagne house is the only family business in Champagne of this size. With an emphasis on the exclusive Chardonnay grape, Taittinger has been receiving international recognition for years for their consistent quality, finesse and elegance. By building relationships with renowned distributors, a young team with a focus on the future and the choice for selective distribution (focused on the hospitality industry), Taittinger is a rapidly growing brand in the Dutch market.

Jacques Fourneaux founded the champagne house in 1734, making it one of the oldest champagne trading houses in Champagne. In 1932, Pierre Taittinger took over the house and it was renamed Taittinger. Step by step, Taittinger acquired name and fame among the major champagne houses by adopting an innovative attitude and focusing on the high-quality Chardonnay. Francois Taittinger, innovator and visionary, foresaw that the consumer of the future would appreciate the Chardonnay for its light style, finesse and elegance. This led in 1952 to the first production of the Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs, an exceptional champagne from the grand cru vineyards located on the Côtes de Blancs. Because of his predilection for art, Taittinger started the special Collection series in 1983. In exceptional years, the champagne bottle, in a limited edition, is provided with a special art painting. Well-known artists who have received this honor in the past include Vaserely, Arman, Corneille and Lichtenstein.
In 2005, Taittinger sold the champagne house to an investment company, but the family soon found that the values and quality of the champagne could not be guaranteed. That is why the family bought back the champagne house in 2006. Now they work hard with a young and enthusiastic team, led by very experienced people, to introduce enthusiasts to the quality and family values in order to share the champagne moment or also the "L'instant Taittinger".

Taittinger is one of the few family businesses in Champagne, led by Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger. Together with daughter Vitalie (Marketing) and son Clovis (Export), he heads the champagne house from Reims. The winemaker and quality monitor of the blends at Taittinger is Loïc Dupont, who has been with the company for 25 years. The quality of Taittinger's Champagnes is based on the 289 hectares of own-owned vineyards located in the best locations in and around Reims. They supply about half of the annual wine requirement. As a result, Taittinger is less dependent on the fluctuating prices on the grape market and they ensure consistent quality. The remaining grapes are purchased on a contract basis from local farmers, with a relatively high proportion of Chardonnay grapes from the Côte des Blancs, where the finest Chardonnay comes from. A team of experts, led by Loïc Dupont, selects the wines for the different Taittinger cuvées. Very high demands are placed on the wines for the special top cuvées.

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