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San Román

After traveling through Vega Sicilia and Bodegas Mauro, legendary winemaker Mariano García decided to bet on the potential of Toro wines and his land to produce quality and recognized red wines that characterize the Toro Designation of Origin.

Although everyone knows the winery by the name of San Román, the name of the most famous wine, the official name is Maurodos and after the first steps of Mariano García the next generation has managed to expand and grow the fame of the cellar The wines show the characteristics of a region with an extremely continental climate, minimal rainfall, abundant hours of sunshine and strong thermal contrasts during the day and night.

The average age of the vineyards is 35 years, with a low density of plantations which, however, increased in the new plantations, to generate competition between roots and regulate the vigor of the plant. Some older vines were planted without a rootstock because phylloxera was not affected in this area. The soils are loose, stony or sandy, depending on the areas, with clayey soils where the plant can be watered in times of drought.

San Román Bodegas y Viñedos, together with Bodegas Mauro and Garmón Continental, form the specific trilogy of the García family, three interpretations of the Duero Valley by winemaker Mariano García together with his sons Eduardo and Alberto.

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