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Mocavero winery in Apulia / Puglia (Italy)

The winery Mocavero is located in the Apulia region, or as the region is called in Italian: the Puglia. This elongated region, which is the heel of the Italian boot, is, together with the Veneto and Sicily, Italy's largest producer of wine. In the past, many blends came from here, which were often used in other parts of Italy, but also abroad, to strengthen their own wines. In recent years, Apulia has increasingly focused on the production of quality wine and quantity is no longer the first priority. The fact of Apulia as 'the wine cellar of Italy' is therefore obsolete. Due to its favorable location, the predominantly hilly landscape and the good soil qualities, which vary from calcareous and clay-containing to sandy, excellent wines can be made in Apulia.


The roots of Wijnhuis Mocavero lie in the tradition of making regional wine. In addition, this great winery is also with one leg in modern times. This combination guarantees carefully made, traditional wines with a modern touch. The company was founded in 1950 by Tommaso Congedo. He built it up over the years along with his nephew (nephew), Pietro Mocavero. He was responsible for the renewal of the vineyards and the adaptation of the cellar to modern technology. Pietro Mocavero has two sons, Francesco and Marco, who have gradually taken over his work since 1987. Francesco is in charge of the company, his brother Marco is responsible for the wine production. This means that the third generation of the family is currently responsible for the ins and outs of this family business in Monteroni di Lecce, in the heart of the Salerno region. A beautiful series of wines is made, which combines the tradition of the region with modern wine culture. The red wines and rosé are dominated by the classic, well-known grapes of the region: Negroamaro, Montepulciano, Malvasia Nera and Primitivo. A conscious and important choice for the authenticity of the great wines and grapes of this region. White is made here from the contemporary French Chardonnay.

The Mocavero brothers have dedicated themselves to continuously improving the quality of the wines. The grapes come from mostly older vineyards and are picked when they are perfectly ripe. The wines are without exception beautifully powerful and intense in character, but the fruit is also emphatically present. Beautiful, deeply colored wines, true calling cards of the new Puglia.

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