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Franz Keller - expressive, ambitious wines from the Kaiserstuhl

The Franz Keller winery is located near the border with France in the southern German town of Vogtsburg im Kaiserstuhl, part of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Franz Keller winery has several vineyards in the Kaiserstuhl, which is part of the wine region of Baden. The Kaiserstuhl is Germany's warmest and sunniest wine region and is characterized by volcanic soils covered with fertile high loess deposits that provide excellent wine growing conditions for what they call Burgundersorten in Germany such as Weissburgunder, Grauburgunder, Chardonnay and Spätburgunder. The volcanic soils vary widely from vineyard to vineyard. This soil diversity contributes enormously to the exciting taste variation of the wines of this authentic winery.

The natural terraced environment is symbiotic with the winery, allowing gravity to be used during the wine production process. In addition, the unique architecture has been designed in such a way that wine production, cellar, tasting room and the restaurant KellerWirtschaft all fit under one roof. Fun fact about this roof: it is covered with native crops from Badberg, a nearby nature reserve. In this way, the natural conditions are enhanced by the building and its structure. Partly because the building has been dug into the ground, creating the optimal climatic conditions for wine maturation and storage.

Franz Keller - Schwarzer Adler is a gastronomic concept in Baden and actually in the rest of Germany. The company consists of a wine domain, wine import, wine trade, hotel and no less than 3 restaurants. Restaurant Schwarzer Adler has had a Michelin star continuously since 1969, making it the longest owner of all restaurants in Germany. The company is now owned by Fritz Keller, a man with boundless energy and lots of ideas.

His son Friedrich is mainly involved in wine making. The name Franz Keller stands for dry, refreshing, fruity but also complex and mineral-driven powerful wines. The wines are always of excellent, impeccable quality and are highly appreciated in Germany and far beyond, such as up to 94 points Parker and 5 stars Eichelmann. The winery considers it very important that the terroir, the origin and the character of the wine are reflected in the taste. The winemaking approach is inspired by the wines and the "savoir-vivre" of their French neighbors. The aim of this winery has been from the very beginning to make wines that are the perfect accompaniment to good food.

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