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Is Dominio de Calogía the new Pingus. All signals point to this because if José Manuel Perez Ovejas, who has been Viña Pedrosa's oenologist for more than 25 years and then releases his own wine in 2018, this is of course very closely monitored. To produce a great wine, it takes great grapes and a state-of-the-art winery,” says José Manuel Pérez Ovejas, a leading winemaker in Ribera del Duero. After leaving Hermanos Pérez Pascuas, the family winery, he founded for himself and launched Dominio de Calogía in 2019.

Calogía is named after the place where the winery was built and is one of the estate's largest vineyards with an area of six hectares. In total, José Manuel Pérez owns 20 hectares of Tempranillo planted by himself or by his father within a radius of five kilometers between the villages of Roa and Pedrosa del Duero in the province of Burgos. Most are bush wines. The conversion to organic farming is currently taking place. The soils are predominantly clay-loam with some areas of limestone. The average altitude is about 840 meters. The oldest vineyard was planted 70 years ago. Neatly formed, the vines are high off the ground with their branches wide open so the clusters are spaced and well aerated. Limiting the yield to about 4,000 kg/ha (note: this is still less than half of what was allowed by the appelation) and is a characteristic quality feature of all Pérez Ovejas vineyards.

The practical and functional winery was designed to maximize attention to detail to "work in a more conscientious manner than when processing relatively large volumes of wine," says José Manuel. High ceilings, spaciousness and strict cleanliness - he admits it's an obsession - were his priorities. While cold maceration is used to extract aromas and fix the color, the Osiris system is designed to capture CO2 from the fermentation process and break the cap from below: "We manage to achieve an intense maceration without ruining the wine. moving around a lot,” he emphasizes. Maturation takes place in French oak barrels that are replaced after three uses. Arguably one of the best years ever in Ribera del Duero, 2019 is Dominio de Calogía's first vintage.
Dominio de Calogía produces 70,000 bottles divided between the two wines. The first to be released bears the same name as the winery and the author's hallmark: high-quality tannins and higher acidity than the average of the area, resulting in good aging potential and a very elegant style. A single-vineyard red will be released in 2022. Matured for about 26 months and of this production will barely reach 2,500 bottles. Both wines will be sold all over the world through an allocation system, so availability is very low.

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