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The origins of Domaine Allimant-Laugner begin with 2 families who have cultivated the vineyards since the 17th century, the Laugners in the village of Dieffenthal and the Allimants in Saint-Hippolyte. In 1816 and after participating in all of Napoleon's campaigns, Captain François-Antoine Allimant buys more vines on the Haut-Koenigsbourg hills and a beautiful 1664 farm in the village of Orschwiller, the current property of the domain.

Like most families, the Allimants still subsisted on growing more crops but chose to focus more on wine with Charles Allimant, who began bottling his wine in 1949 and developed their distribution with his daughter Mariette and her husband René Laugner. . Their eldest son Hubert took over in 1984, gave the domain real fame together with his wife Françoise, and since 2013 with their son Nicolas. The family manages Domaine Allimant-Laugner as a beautiful heritage of more than 10 generations.

The 7 varieties from Alsace (Alsace) are grown on a total of 12 hectares of vines, representing 40 separate plots of different orientations, ages and terroirs. This division of parcels is essential for the varieties to be properly expressed on the right grounds. South of the village, between Orschwiller and Saint-Hippolyte, the heavy clay and limestone soils are particularly suitable for the Pinots. North of the village as far as Châtenois there are granitic soils which allow the production of more aromatic Riesling and Gewurztraminer. Above Orschwiller, the granite and schist hills of the Praelatenberg have been turned into vines since the 9th century. This terroir allows the production of precise and very typical wines, naturally classified as Grand Cru d'Alsace. The plots have a density of more than 5500 vines per hectare, which promotes competition and deeper rooting, for better typicity. The more competition the harder a grape has to work and the deeper it has to root. Bad for high volumes but perfect for quality and that is what this house stands for.

The demand for sparkling wine is also growing in the region and the Crémants Blanc and Rosé, produced by the traditional method with our local varieties, represent half of the production of Domaine Allimant-Laugner and have certainly given the house much more international fame. after each and every one of the wines has received very high ratings from the international wine press.

The privilege of a product of this unique authentic terroir also entails a responsibility and so Domaine Allimant-Laugner works naturally with the greatest respect for the environment. All tasks (plant pruning, picking, maintenance) are done naturally, also because the close contact with the vines gives a better understanding of the needs. In order to properly control the vigor of the vines and preserve the ecosystem, work is mainly done with alternating plowed and grassy rows. Also in the cellar, modernity and tradition must be well balanced to produce accurate and refined wines, but with a minimal human and ecological imprint. They work with a brand new pneumatic press and stainless steel tanks with temperature control and fermentation takes place only with natural yeasts. The foundation is laid in the unique vineyards which have been managed by the family for 10 generations. With respect and modernity, Domaine Allimant-Laugner makes great wines.






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