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Château Léoville Las Cases

Château Léoville Las Cases is a wine producer from Bordeaux, located in the Saint-Julien appellation, which is part of Bordeaux, France.

History of Château Léoville Las Cases

One of the oldest estates in the Medoc, Domaine de Léoville belonged to some of the richest and most influential noble French families before it was taken over by the Las Cases family. As a result of the French Revolution, the estate was divided between 1826 and 1840. Château Léoville Las Cases was created, thanks to a kind of birthright, from 3/5 of the original estate and the heart of the domain. The current terroir of the Grand Vin has therefore been the historic heart of the original terroir since the 17th century. Pierre Jean, Adolphe and Gabriel de Las Cases were heirs to the estate until 1900, when Théophile Skawinski bought a share in the estate and became its administrator. Now managed by the same family since the end of the 19th century, Léoville Las Cases is today represented by Jean-Hubert Delon, sole owner of the castle and owner of Château Potensac in the Medoc and Château Nénin in Pomerol.

Production of Château Léoville Las Cases

The vineyards of Château Léoville Las Cases are located in the northern part of Saint-Julien, adjacent to Château Latour. The proximity to the Gironde River and the well-drained gravel soils contribute to the estate's excellent terroir. The vineyard is planted with classic Bordeaux grape varieties, with a significant emphasis on Cabernet Sauvignon, which thrives in the gravelly soils and provides structure and aging potential to the wines. Château Léoville Las Cases is known for producing powerful, age-worthy red wines that are considered among the best in Bordeaux. The winemaking approach involves traditional methods, with an emphasis on expressing the unique characteristics of the estate's terroir. The grapes are carefully harvested and sorted before fermentation, and the wines are typically aged in oak barrels. The estate produces two wines namely the Grand Vin, Château Léoville Las Cases, and a second wine called Clos du Marquis. The Grand Vin, Château Léoville Las Cases, is highly regarded for its complexity, concentration and ability to age wonderfully. It often receives high scores from wine critics and enthusiasts. Clos du Marquis, the second wine, is also well received and offers a more approachable option for those who want to taste the estate's style at a younger age.

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