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Magnificent Bordeaux wines from a beautiful terroir

Château La Gaffelière is located in the south of Bordeaux in Saint-Emilion. With its unique silhouette, the chateau welcomes thousands of visitors traveling on the D122. This road used to be part of the estate and was already offered to the community when people were still used to travel on horses. Château La Gaffelière is the basis of a great wine, a 1st Grand Cru since the start of the classification of St Emilion in 1959. The vine has been present on the land of Château La Gaffelière since Gallo-Roman times, as shown by the numerous mosaics discovered by Comte Léo de Malet Roquefort in 1969. A strange coincidence: Ausonius had a vineyard in the same place (in the 4th century). The Malet Roquefort family is convinced that these mosaics have decorated the rooms of his villa. The quality of these decorative elements further underlines the richness of this place, called "le Palat" (Palatium means palace).

The wine of this winery comes from an exceptional terroir, the "golden triangle" nestled between the hills of Pavie and Ausone. However, a great region is of course nothing at all without the willingness and dedication of people. The De Malet Roquefort family has been running the estate for over 3 centuries, passionately and with a single goal: upgrading the vineyards and producing a wine with amazing aging potential.

The terroir

Currently, the estate extends over 32 ha, including the 22 ha in the 1st Grand Cru Classé. The plots are located in 3 different locations:
The limestone plateau: clay layers and green marl with a thickness of 3 to 5 meters sandwiched between two limestone beds. The plateau is located at about 90 meters above sea level. From the 16th century, limestone was widely extracted, blocks of stone were used for the construction of Bordeaux monuments and mansions.

The hill side, facing south-southwest: a favorable position for viticulture because a beautiful light is combined with a slope for natural water drainage. Furthermore, the Fronsac molasse (clay substrate) helps to regulate the supply of water and the supply of minerals by the plant.

The foot of the hill: made of carbonate sand. This soil is fragile but healthy. It takes special care and meticulous work to bring out the finesse of the grape

The vineyard

Since the year 2000, Château La Gaffelière has started an important replanting program. Now the vines can age peacefully up to an average of 35 years. The working methods have evolved to promote environmentally friendly viticulture. The vines are pruned according to Double and Single Guyot, depending on the planting density. The guiding principle of the work at La Gaffeliere is respect for the terroir and grapes. People are always looking for a ripe, full fruit. Grape tasting remains an essential step in planning the exact harvest date for each plot. The grapes are then picked by hand and placed in small boxes of about 10 kilos and placed in a cold storage (8 ° C) overnight.

Grape varieties

The vineyards consist of 75% Merlot grapes and 25% Cabernet Franc grapes.

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