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Château Brane-Cantenac

Château Brane-Cantenac - elegant wines from the Bordeaux

Château Brane-Cantenac is located in the world-famous Bordeaux wine region, in the heart of the famous Margaux appellation. The Château exudes pride and allure, and the winery is known for producing wines with remarkable elegance and finesse. In the world of fine wine, this beautiful estate is a true emblem of quality and excellence.


The history of this winery dates back to about 250 years ago where the legend of Brane-Cantenac is the story of a flourishing relationship between man and earth, which has grown stronger over the centuries. This great wine estate, called 'Hostein' in the 18th century, was bought by the Gorce family and produced one of the most famous wines of the Medoc long before the 1855 classification. The 2nd wine of this winery, the Baron de Brane, got its name as a tribute to the famous Baron Jacques-Maxime de Brane, the 'Napoléon des Vignes', who owned the estate in the 19th century. The Lurton family has been at the helm for the past 4 generations. All very dedicated owners who ensured that the vineyard continued to flourish, and still produce the highest quality wines. Since 1992, Henri Lurton has continued the journey started by his father and his ancestors. Although he favors innovation and new technology, Henri will never lose sight of the traditional values that are and remain inherent in Brane's identity. He is particularly proud of the unique terroir and recognizes the need to treat the soil, vines and grapes with immense respect while carefully controlling Brane's future course.


Obtaining the best possible fruit requires a unique exchange between man and nature, based on a deep understanding of the land itself, and further developed through centuries of experience. Famous for its deep, gravel and mineral-rich soils, Brane-Cantenac has some of the most beautiful parts of Margaux. Set on an illustrious high plateau, the castle has stony bottoms that force the roots of the vines to dig deep into the earth for sustenance. All areas of the vineyards have different characteristics, making them best suited to certain grape varieties. Cabernet Sauvignon (55%), Merlot (40%), Cabernet Franc (4.5%) and Carmenère (0.5%) grapes are grown at Brane-Cantenac. The vineyards are continuously micro-managed with one goal in mind: obtaining grapes of the highest quality and maintaining low yields. Replanting efforts in recent years, and a move towards organic cultivation, demonstrate the strong commitment to sustainable viticulture by Château Brane-Cantenac.


One of the most exciting and labor-intensive periods begins in mid-September. Where it is normally quiet and peaceful, a wave of activity ensues in September where everyone prepares to gather the fruits that have been carefully cherished all year round. Thorough scientific analysis and tasting of the grapes must take place before the decision to harvest is made. Picking can only take place when every grape has reached the perfect condition.

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