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Cepa 21 was founded by one of Ribera del Duero's best winemakers: Emilio Moro. Since 2022, CEPA 21 has stood on its own two feet and is led by Jose Moro (the brother of Javier Moro, the owner of Emilio Moro). Bodegas Cepa 21 is a boutique winery located in Castrillo de Duero, a Valladolid village in the area known as the Golden Mile. A winery created to dream in wine, combining tradition and modernity with a unique and exquisite terroir. A real commitment to enhance the best qualities the land has to offer, choosing north-facing vineyards to obtain wines with soul and a unique freshness. With the Tempranillo variety as its flagship, Bodegas Cepa 21 presents a range of five wines: Hito Rosé, Hito, Cepa 21, Malabrigo and Horcajo. They all reflect in each glass a respectful elaboration of the variety, the freshness of the Tempranillo variety and the know-how and experience of the creator, José Moro.

Cepa 21 was born with the aim of becoming a differential project and was built by José Moro's distinctive ideas, creativity and unique vision. But Jose Moro's disruptive spirit is in large part the result of his ancestors' legacy. More than a hundred years ago, his grandfather chose his own clone of the queen variety (Tempranillo) to achieve the unique character of the wines. His grandson, generations later, followed suit and made innovation one of the driving forces behind his business.

The vineyards of Bodegas Cepa 21 are one of its greatest assets. They are located at an altitude between 750 and 900 meters above sea level and face north. Both factors allow the grapes to ripen gradually, giving them complexity and freshness. The project has 50 hectares of its own vineyards on soils of silty sand, clay or limestone, most of them very close to the winery and planted with the area's clone of centuries-old vineyards (the purest Tempranillo from the Ribera del Duero). The winery is equipped with fully equipped facilities, consisting of a tasting room with a beautiful view of the barrel room, a terrace that is a veritable viewpoint over a sea of ​​vineyards and a hall with a spectacular window that links the modernity of the complex with the tradition from the vineyard, Cepa 21 is pure minimalism and efficiency.


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