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Bodegas Hermanos Perez Pascuas

This is one of the great classics in Ribera del Duero and a real family business. Father Mauro Pérez planted his vines in the 40s and 50s, over 35 ha, at that time an immense amount in the small village of Pedrosa de Duero. All proceeds went to the local cooperative. Under the impulse of the 3 sons, Benjamín, Adolfo and Manuel, it was decided in 1980 to start making wine themselves. The first Viña Pedrosa was a fact. At that time, there were less than 10 bodegas active in the entire region...
It wasn't until 1982 that the D.O. Ribera del Duero itself was created, partly under the impetus of the Pérez Pascuas brothers; they were co-founders of the appellation. 1989 was also an important step for them, with the arrival of the 3rd generation: José Manuel, son of Benjamín, made his appearance as an oenologist. From that moment on, the wines would reach even higher peaks. He fully supported the quality concept of his father and uncles and made many improvements. Today, the circle is complete with the full entry of the 3rd generation: the sons of Manuel and Adolfo have also become established values ​​in the bodega.
The small bodega in the village has since moved to the outskirts of the village. It has become a beautiful complex with beautiful tasting rooms and especially with a vinification and criansa cellar where the top wines can mature in a perfect way. Viña Pedrosa stands for elegance and finesse, two keywords that have become rare in the wines of Ribera del Duero.

Here, of course, it is the Tinto fino or Tempranillo that is the star. There are 135 hectares owned, almost mainly old vines, which in itself is unique in Ribera del Duero. A small part of the vineyard (10%) is planted with Cabernet Sauvignon.
The Tinto fino from Ribera del Duero is more resistant to the extreme conditions than the Tempranillo from Rioja, which would not survive here. In the wines of Viña Pedrosa you will encounter the typical animal notes that make the Tinto fino unique. The majority of the vines are 'en gobelet'.
All the vineyards are organically farmed without the use of any systematic pesticide. Production control is used in the vineyard, i.e. strict supervision is applied to limit production per vine. Only low yields ensure sufficient quality.

They mainly have clay-limestone soils. Ribera del Duero is of course pre-eminently a continental appellation with a continental climate and Atlantic influences. There is especially a big difference between the day and night temperatures.
The bodega is located at an altitude of 844 m, making it one of the highest located domains in Ribera del Duero. The landscape is gently undulating. The height at which the vines are planted ensures that the wines are perfectly balanced, with a lot of freshness.

Everything here is dedicated to the longevity of the wines. Long macerations are applied with many and intense remontages. Vinification and élevage are done according to the age of the vines.
Their base wine, the Cepa Gavilan, gets an élevage of 12 months. The Crianza gets 18 months and from the Reserva it gets 24 months. Their top wine, the Pérez Pascuas Gran Selección even arrives at 26 months. The oak barrels (both American and French) are renewed every 3 years. The wine is not filtered and not stabilized before bottling.

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