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Baglio del Cristo di Campobello

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Both nationally (Perswijn) and internationally (Monica Larner, Robert Parker, Bibenda and the Italian Guild of Sommeliers), the wines of Baglio-del-cristo-di-campobello are recognized as the best Nero d'Avola in Sicily.

In Campobello di Licata, everyone knows the large modern white wine cellar that is built on a hill with calcareous soil that reflects the light of the sun. On this hill - three hundred meters above sea level and 5km far from the Gulf of Licata - is a large wooden Christ, placed two hundred years ago by a farmer. It has since become a place of pilgrimage for winegrowers who come to pray for the quality of their wine once it is vinified.

From the beginning - says Carmelo Bonetta - we have tried to make wines with a strong expression and personality. We try to use the maximum potential of our terroir because a lot of the attention of our work goes initially to the vineyard and then to the work in the cellar, we respect what the earth gives us through limited productions and small yields.

For many years, the Bonetta family sold their grapes to other wine companies at a low price. In 2006 the decision was made to bottle their own wines in order to see the fruits of their labor in their own bottle. This also kicked off the construction of a new winery. "One day, he remembers", because of the crisis and the associated low cost per kg of the grapes, we gathered around the table with the whole family, because we had to make a choice: either abandon everything and sell or our van our own grapes make our own wines. The knowledge that we had always worked hard in our vineyards and that our vines were in optimal condition made us decide to abandon total sales and we decided from then on to do everything ourselves from the vineyard to the bottle. The evocative names of our wines such as "Lu Patri" (from the father of the Sicilian grape varieties, Nero d 'Avola) were born.

Since the very beginning, after the first harvest and commercialization, the first major awards and prizes came: "As my father Angelo always says" our best reward is the appreciation of the customer, of those who drink our wines and continue to appreciate them by then to buy again. This is our recognition and our greatest success. "

"Today Baglio del Cristo di Campobello produces about three hundred thousand bottles (divided into eight types of wine: four white and four red), in addition, there remains a constant source of ideas and projects for the future, such as research into producing without the addition of sulfur dioxide, This in collaboration with one of the best Italian oenologists Ricardo Cotarella We are aware that this is a very complex subject, which requires time and a lot of money, but we do not make any concessions on quality. but we have taken a step in the right direction, from now on we will only work according to the principles of ecological sustainability, with love and respect for everything that comes from the earth.The climate here is extremely ventilated with frequent temperature fluctuations. our lead, for example, to work in the vineyards without fertilizers, only manure from our own animals is used, this is the only way Our vines are resistant to all kinds of diseases, making chemical products completely unnecessary.
There is a lot of interest from abroad with regard to Sicilian wines. We are a small wine company committed to building values, strong bonds with our partners. Our importers are pre-screened and selected by us because it is people who sell wines with their hearts and who, through their expertise, can convey our philosophy and that of our wines. In the first place, they are all wine lovers who survive despite the crisis through their craftsmanship and drive. "

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