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Armenia, a country in the Southern Caucasus, is the oldest Christian country in the world. Wine has been made here for 6,000 years. Despite this impressive history and dozens of ancient, indigenous grape varieties, Armenia is an almost forgotten wine country.

Its history and many indigenous grape varieties make Armenia a unique wine country. But the wines are not common across borders. These wines are particularly scarce in the Western world. Recent investments in Armenian viticulture are slowly but steadily pushing the quality up and the wines abroad. The oldest wine cellar is found near Areni, in the south of Armenia on the border with Iran. This wine-producing facility is said to date back to the Copper Age, some 6,000 years ago. A winepress, pitchers in the ground, chalices and grape seeds prove that the region is one of the oldest wine regions. Incidentally, the seeds found are from grape varieties such as Voskeat and Makhali, which are still cultivated. At the time, the wine could well be intended for ceremonies, because traces of wine growing have been found near cemeteries.

Armenia is a country that is completely adjacent to any sea. The length of the national borders is 1,254 km: 787 km with Azerbaijan (of which 221 km with the Nakhichevan exclave), 164 km with Georgia, 35 km with Iran and 268 km with Turkey. The area is mainly mountainous and fairly wooded with some fast-flowing rivers. The Aragats is the highest mountain in the country at 4095 meters. The largest rivers are the Araks, the Debed and the Hrazdan. The largest lake in Armenia is Lake Sevan.


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