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Description Acústic Celler

The Spanish winery Acústic Celler is located in the northern Marça (province of Tarragona) and is without doubt the success story of this young appellation. 2004 was only his first millésime, but in the meantime he has made a name for himself as the top producer of Montsant. Pure and fruity wines with a full and Mediterranean character are his trademark; he only uses vieilles vignes Garnacha and Carinyena and is very proud of that. And with good reason!

History Acústic Celler

Albert Jané is the youngest of the two brothers of the top domain Jané Ventura in Penedès. Gerard has been the sole head of the family domain since 2005. Albert had long wanted a project of his own and eventually was able to realize his dream. He started in 2004 with a number of small vineyards around Capçanes and Marça, exclusively vieilles vignes Garnatxa and Samsó (local variant of Carinyena). He started vinifying his own wine Acústic in a garage in Els Guiamets. The name was not chosen by chance. Albert wants to make wines that faithfully reflect the character of the grape variety and the vineyard. He wants to make wines without amplification, so 'acoustic', in a natural way. In his own words, 99 percent of the quality of the wine can be found in the vineyard. In the bodega himself, he checks whether everything is okay with the wine, but will never manipulate it.

Meanwhile, his small project has grown and he has moved from his small garage in Els Guiamets to an old textile workshop in Marça, a village further. Little Acústic has now had a big brother Braó and an even bigger brother Auditori. All these wines get better from year to year. Since 2008 there has also been an Acústic Blanc with a very small production.

Albert Jané is mentioned today as one of the greats of this small appellation, and his top wines are among the absolute top in Spain. This domain mainly stands for wines with character, authenticity and respect for tradition.


Acústic Celler only works with the traditional indigenous cépages of the region and only with old vines. At the moment he works in total with a good 25 ha under control. In addition, he works closely with some vintners who still have old vines.

Red: Garnatxa (5 ha) and Samsó or Carinyena (15 ha) are the main grape varieties. At the oldest vines there is also a part Garnatxa Peluda. All sticks are between 25 and 90 years old, only 'en gobelet'.

White: Garnatxa Blanca, Macabeu, Garnatxa Gris and Pansal (local variant of Xarel.lo). In total a good 5 ha of vineyards with white varieties.


Albert works with many small plots spread across the entire Montsant area. Some plots are at 300 meters, others at 800 meters. The terroir is therefore different everywhere: from large boulders, sauló (sand of sedimentary origin), clay, to slate and granite. All soils are poor soils with many boulders, which are present due to the erosion of the valleys.

Montsant has an exceptional climate. The region is of course located close to the Mediterranean Sea, but completely surrounded by mountains, making the Mediterranean climate much harder and more extreme: very cold winters, very warm summers and a very dry climate. This climate causes the vine to forgo much more and thus has much lower yields than in other regions. The domain's philosophy is to respect the vineyards and their surroundings and to find a perfect balance. The vineyards are therefore processed organically.


Albert puts little emphasis on vinification. For him, 99 percent of the wine consists of work in the vineyard. He attaches great importance to old vines. His investments therefore mainly focus on the purchase of old vineyards and not on building a 'state of the art bodega'. Since all the vineyards 'en gobelet' are planted and almost always on slopes, the harvest is of course done manually. The vinification is classic and he never uses new barrels for the level. The barrels that are used are at least 2nd year barrels, only French oak. However, he wants as little influence as possible from the barrier.

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