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Torre de Vejezate is located in the Spanish region of La Mancha and takes its name from an ancient watchtower located between the provinces of Ciudad Real and Albacete. The Order of Santiago built the watchtower along the passage where merchants loaded with amphorae of wine and oil passed and charged taxes for using this path.

Torre de Vejezate is part of Bodegas Crisve. The Bodegas is located in the middle of the Spanish Denominacion de Origen La Mancha. In 1955, a group of 25 grape growers, led by Juan Manuel Orriach Moreno, founded the Bodegas Cristo la Vega cooperative. Today it is a state of the art Bodega equipped with the most modern technical gadgets for producing top wines for a very fair price. The vineyards are about 700 m above sea level. There is a continental climate with warm summers and long cold winters with precipitation of 300 to 400 mm. These extreme conditions are ideal for the ripening process of the cultivated grape varieties. Some of them are almost 100 years old.