Tenuta di Ghizzano

Tenuta di Ghizzano is an organically certified and biodynamic wine estate with an age-old history and famous for their terroir-driven wines. People do not like artifice and believe that the condition for a good wine must be the vineyard, so a top wine comes from a top vineyard. The wines of Tenuta di Ghizzano are all gems and of a high level and that is also unanimously confirmed by the wine critics. Tenuta di Ghizzano aims to make high quality products, limited in quantity, that fully reflect the characteristics of this area, without forgetting the style, elegance and rich scents of the rolling hills that surround the winery. The winery therefore invests in natural winemaking and agriculture, which may mean less production, but it certainly means BETTER production. The Ghizzano estate today consists of approximately 350 hectares, of which 20 are on vines, 20 on olives, 150 hectares of grain and the remaining 150 are forest and poplar forests.

Due to the "no shortcuts, no chemicals" approach typical of biodynamic farming, the greatest care is taken in each of the steps in the production of the wine: only through a very careful care of the vineyards and the winemaking errors are prevented and truly terroir-driven products are created. Quality above all else is therefore the motto of this great winery. Each vineyard is harvested in several stages and the grapes are selected several times: during the harvest, then in the cellar, and finally, grape by grape after destemination. Each plot is then vinified and tasted separately, during fermentation, on a daily basis. Thus, a traditional approach to modern winemaking means that all grapes are crushed exclusively with the foot, in order to gently extract only the good tannins. Electric pumps are also avoided as much as possible to protect the wine from unnecessary stress and oxidation. Fermentation takes place only via wild yeasts.

Perched on an ancient Pliocene seabed, Tenuta di Ghizzano is incredibly rich, dotted with fossil shells and ultimately perfect for the vineyards. The climate is unique and also enjoys the beneficial effects of the nearby coast, such as the light reflection from the sea and the cooling summer breeze.


It is believed that the Venerosi Pesciolini family settled in Ghizzano towards the end of the 14th century. The winery and oil mill are both located right next to the tower built in 1370 by the Venerosi Pesciolini ancestors. Grapes and olives, and wine and oil production, were at the heart of the family's activities and encompassed the entire estate as it is today. Ghizzano is a small hilltop village about 200 meters above sea level, not far from the Tuscan coast, 40 km from Livorno and 40 km south of Pisa, in an area called the 'Colline Pisane' (Pisa hills) is called. The landscape is soft and the climate mild, thanks to the sea breeze. There are no extreme temperatures or a high risk of frost in the spring. The country has an interesting composition.

It was Pierfrancesco Venerosi Pesciolini who really understood Tenuta di Ghizzano's potential. The winery is today one of the most innovative estates in the entire area. Pierfancesco felt passion for his country and fully recognized its qualities. Through his products, he made an important contribution to the renewal of Italian wine production.

In the 1980s, the area was hit by a crisis and agriculture, especially wineries, suffered severely. While many of the neighboring companies raised their vines or were even forced to sell their land, Pierfrancesco Venerosi Pesciolini decided to go against the tide and boldly invest in both the vines and the winery with the aim of producing an even better quality product . In difficult circumstances, at a time when overproduction of grapes tended to lead to poor quality wine at ridiculously low prices, Pierfrancesco dared to try to produce a 'serious' wine, perhaps in small quantities, but able to stand on the market hold.

With the help of a friend, Piermario Meletti Cavallari, the native Sangiovese variety was researched and production of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot started.

In 1985 Il Veneroso, the 1st bottled wine, was first produced. He immediately received 2 'glasses' from the wine guide of Gambero Rosso! The wine is named after Veneroso Venerosi who was the first to devote his passion to the land and winemaking. The intuition and courage that Pierfrancesco showed in his ambitions for the estate have been fully repaid over time. In the 1970s, the vineyards had only 2500 plants per hectare. This has been built up gradually over the years. The winery now has 20 hectares, 85% of which have been replanted as follows: in 1989 with 4,500 plants per hectare, then from 1999 to 2003 with 6,600 plants and finally in 2006 with 5,000 plants. Today, they annually produce about 70,000 bottles of unique wines, each with its own character: Veneroso, Nambrot, Ghizzano Rosso and Ghizzano Bianco, as well as an excellent sweet dessert wine, San Germano and an extra virgin olive oil IGP. In 2003 the winery switched to organic farming and since 2008 they have been officially certified organic.