Sybille Kuntz Weingut

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Sybille was born into a family of winemakers, merchants, barrel makers and coopers, in the village of Lieser in the heart of the Moselle Valley. Initially, she opted for something completely different: studying Business Administration in Wuppertal, far away from the family vineyards.

But the blood creeps where it can't. She opens a wine shop to pay for her studies and thus gets to know the great white wines from France and Italy. Often tighter and drier, which impresses the wine lover who grew up with the traditional sweet Moselle wines. Sybille develops the urge to create a Moselle Riesling that can compete with the cuvées from the well-known top regions.

In the 1980s, she returns to Lieser where she and her husband Marcus gain total control over the family vineyards and winemaking. They get rid of the chemical weed killers and let flowers and plants grow luxuriantly between the vines. The vines are therefore forced to grow deeper, reaching a greater diversity of nutrients.

At the same time, the heavily slate soil remains healthy. This does the forty to no less than seventy-year-old vines well. From its first harvest, in 1984, you can taste the change: the wines have a great minerality, excellent natural acidity and a perfect balance. A new style of Moselle wines is born! Sybille is ambitious and is expanding the domain. The newly purchased vineyards are also planted with old vines and have a slope of up to seventy degrees.

The sun shines almost vertically on it, while the water of the Moselle reflects the sunlight again. Thanks to this exuberant sunlight, the grapes develop optimally and provide many aromas and flavors. Sybille picks the grapes as late as possible, so that they have time to develop 'character'. The result is stunning!

Sybille Kuntz Weingut