Schloss Johannisberg

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Schloss Johannisberg bottles "Qualitätswein" under a label with a yellow seal. The Qualitätsweine mit Prädikat (quality wines with special properties) are classified as follows: Rotlach for the medium quality cabinet wines, Orangelach for the best cabinet wines, Grünlach for the average Spätlesen, Weisslach for the large Spätlesen, Rosalach for the Auslesen, Blaulach for the best qualities Auslese and Goldlach for the Beeren- and Trockenbeerenauslesen. Bad years do not deliver superior quality wine; The Auslesen with sky blue seal and the Beerenauslesen with gold seal will therefore not be found. Sometimes a sparkling wine is made from the lighter and less good Riesling wine, which is sold under the name Fürst von Metternich Prädikats-Sekt.

Schloss Johannisberg in the Rheingau is undoubtedly Germany's most prestigious winery and the world renowned for its Rieslings. It is the oldest Riesling winery in the world. Wine has been made since 817 and 100% Riesling has been produced since 1720. The winery is centrally located in the area and has a rich history. Originally it was a monastery that was later used as a castle. It was even once owned by our royal family. The wines are the most elegant in the Rheingau area and gain in balance and flexibility as they age. In the beautiful wine cellar, a few bottles have been kept since 1748, so that now a unique collection has been created. Once every 25 years, the wines are inspected and provided with new corks. And, it is assured, even the oldest white wines are still very drinkable!