2022 San Marzano TR3 Pumi Rosso
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2023 San Marzano Tramari Rosé di Primitivo
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2023 San Marzano Tramari Rosé di Primitivo
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2022 San Marzano TR3 Pumi Rosso

The roots of the blue wine grape Primitivo lie in Italy, in the far south of Italy to be precise. The grape variety is mainly grown in the 'heel of the boot', Puglia. That's where this red wine grape is at its best. But although Primitivo can often be found in the south of Italy, it is by no means the only place where the wine grape grows. DNA research has shown that the Primitivo grape is genetically similar to the American Zinfandel, which is widely planted in California. The grape is also genetically similar to the Tribidrag grape, which can be found in Croatia. 

The taste of Primitivo wine

Italian red wine made from the Primitivo grape is dark in color and powerful and full of flavor. The tannins are soft and the acids balanced. The red wine has a slight spiciness and is bursting with black fruit with impressions of blackberries, strawberries and jammy fruit. Primitivo wine is recognizable by aromas of cherry liqueur and blackberries. Thanks to the ripe tannins, they are wines that can be stored for a long time. A Primitivo wine is best enjoyed at a temperature of 16 – 18 °C.