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Enchanting beauty from the heart of Valpolicella

The vineyards of the Italian winery Rubinelli Vajol are located in the heart of Valpolicella in the famous Veneto region. With the charming country house, the cellars, the village of Vajol, the landscape covered with vineyards delineated by brick walls and lovingly decorated with olive trees, cherry blossoms and almond trees, winery Rubinelli Vajol captures the very essence of the classic beauty of Valpolicella. The sublime wines of this winery hold a sweet secret: the grapes were stored for a time in the heart of Valpolicella, where they ripen slowly and in peace in the valley, kissed by the sun and protected by the rolling hills. In the cool cellar built into the side of the mountain, the grapes are given ample time to rest and enjoy dreamily in large oak barrels.


The history of Rubinelli Vajol winery begins with Gaetano Rubinelli, the founder of a family that has lived in Valpolicella for generations. After projecting and constructing the Chievo Dam along the Adige River, thus supplying electricity to all Veronese industries at the turn of the century, Gaetano bought Rubinelli, fascinated by its perfect location and location in the heart of Valpolicella , the beautiful farmlands. Over the years, the Rubinelli family decided to start their own wine production, thus fulfilling their dream of expressing the delicacy and excellence of their country in their product! High-quality grapes thanks to growth and ripening in an ideal environment: the soil, the sun, the mild climate and the gentle breeze of Conca del Vajol.


According to the winery, the excellence of wine comes from the beautiful country. The area is located between the 1000 year old Pieve di San Floriano and San Pietro in Cariano, the main municipality of the Valpolicella, where the Vajol farmland unfolds visually in a beautiful valley of 10 hectares of south-facing vineyards: a perfect harmony of rolling fields and hills with the house, the wine cellar and the fruttaio (drying lofts) in the middle. The northern fields border on the territory of Comune di Fumane and Marano.

All grapes come exclusively from the fields around Corte Sant'Anna, this gives a special uniqueness to the wine and makes it unmistakable: wine that was born on tuff. Once this area was the sea - imagine a sunny bay. The soil consists of marl formed between the Mesozoic era (150 million years ago) and the Tertiary era (60 million years ago) followed by the origin of the Alpine mountains. The soil is very calcareous, ideal for moderating the natural vigor of the vines. Limestone also has spongy properties: the ability to retain water for long periods of time passes only when the plants need it. This always keeps the grapes well hydrated. The soil is thin but rich in organic matter which allows the vines to live in perfect nutritional balance. This harmony is reflected in the quality of the wines that are always elegant and fully express, both in their aroma and on the palate, their rich polyphenolic multiplicity. Rubinelli Vajol wines are born in the ground before they even reach the wine cellar; they are gifts from nature and from the formation of land structures in the Conca del Vajol.

The soil has a medium texture and is calcareous and tufty with a good clay presence, mainly on the downward slopes, and a moderate presence of skeletal fragments in the hills. The bottom is deep in the lower parts of the estate and of varied depth in the higher parts. The terrain's orography varies from flat to hilly. The vineyards receive water naturally, even in the driest seasons, absorbing the necessary amount of groundwater flowing a few meters below the fields of Conca del Vajol. The presence of this water is also demonstrated by the still active natural spring, which is quoted as 'the source of Vajol' in an official document from 1635.

The most commonly planted grapes are Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella, as well as a small amount of Molinara and Oseleta.


Wijnhuis Rubinelli Vajol works with great respect for nature and the environment. To protect the environment, the health of the consumer and their own, all weed killers and synthetic fertilizers have therefore been eliminated. These have been replaced by mechanical weeding and green manures in order to respect the natural characteristics of the site and to bring it up even better. In addition, a system of sowing is used in which, at the time of flowering, more than 20 herbaceous and legume-like extracts are sown between the rows and the surrounding soil, so that an increase in organic matter is created. Harvesting is done manually only, after which the grapes are directly pressed manually. The grapes for amarone, and for other wines from dried grapes, are always picked first. An intensive job because each truss is only really picked when it is fully ripe and is then carefully laid to rest.

The winery produces only numbered bottles of the 5 classic Valpolicella wines: amarone, ripasso, valpolicella classico superiore, valpolicella classico and recioto. All these 5 wines contain the 5 native grapes of Valpolicella: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara and Oseleta according to the oenologist of the winery Enrico Nicolis. The polyphony of flavors and aromas of the 5 local vine varieties is exclusively protected in large oak barrels from France and the Croatian region of Slavonia. During the long period of refinement, these barrels provide just the right balance of wood, preserving and enhancing the intense full aromas. Only barrels of 30 or 50 hl are used to obtain unique, elegant wines.

About their working method, the fantastic and authentic winery also states: "Every choice we make, everything we do in the fields or in the wine cellar, is dedicated to the ideas and inspiration of Prof. Roberto Ferrarini, of whom we have almost everything heard what there is to know about the excellence of wine. "