Rioja Alta

2015 Roda I Reserva
63.95 52.85
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Roda is one of Rioja's top projects and the catalyst for the major innovation movement in this well-known wine region with flying colors. The Rotllan-Daurella family from Barcelona started this project with great ambition in the most prestigious appellation in Spain. After 5 years of thorough research, they settled in Haro, the capital of Rioja Alta. In the Barrio de la Estación we also find all the great classics (Viña Tondonia, La Rioja Alta, CVNE, Bodegas Bilbaínas) with a long tradition. Just here they decided to settle, with a view of the Sierra Cantabria and right next to the Ebro which flows slowly under the bodega. The domain was founded in 1987, but the first wine was only made in 1992. Perfection is striven for in every step. Top enologists Agustin Santolaya, Carlos Diez, Isidro Palacios and Esperanza Tomás form from the beginning the 'dream team' responsible for all steps in the production process. The ambition is to make the best wine possible from Tempranillo. Flagship is the Roda I, Roda's top wine that can be made depending on the vintage and in less or greater quantity. This wine always consists of 100% Tempranillo. The aim is to get to the essence of the Tempranillo with the Roda I and especially to work towards a wine with a lot of storage potential. In addition, the Roda, top quality and drinkable year after year with a nice storage potential, is almost always an assembly of Tempranillo with Garnacha and Graciano. These 2 wines are only made with grapes from vines older than 30 years. Finally, there is the Benjamin Sela, made from vines between 15 and 30 years old. Cirsión is an outsider: a wine from another planet, made from a selection of bunches of grapes where polymerization has already started in the grape itself.