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Sherry wines, Manzanilla and Sherry Vinegar are products with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). They are characterized by being produced in an authentic and traditional way, under unique soil and climate conditions. This gives them a distinctive character, confirmed by the European quality marks. Sherry Wijnen and Manzanilla, with their 3000 year tradition, are one of the great wine jewels of the world. The traditional Criaderas and Solera system, the different grape varieties, a unique soil and maturation, are the ingredients that make these wines an extraordinary natural phenomenon. Unique flavors. They are perfect wines for every occasion, from aperitif to dinner, from traditional to experimental cuisine.

Facts about Sherry Wines:

A VERY SPECIAL WHITE WINE: Sherry Wines are essentially matured white wines. They have a wide range of colors from very light to dark. So when in doubt about serving, follow the same principle as with other white wines and drink them well chilled in a white wine glass.

THREE VARIETIES: Palomino grape for dry wines. Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel grapes for sweet wines.

UNIQUE PRODUCTION PROCESS: The wines are produced according to the traditional Criaderas and Solera system. An aging system that combines wines from different vintages.

AGEING: The aging is the evolution of the wines in American oak wooden barrels and determines their organoleptic profile. There are two types of ripening: Organic ripening: ripening under “flor” Oxidative ripening: ripening without “flor”

Flor: A yeast that changes and enriches the wine while protecting it from oxidation. The flor is one of Sherry's most remarkable oenological wonders.