2021 Rapitala Viviri Grillo Sicilia DOC
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Grillo Also called Riddu, is a grape variety that is mainly found in Sicily. Originally, the grape is used to make the sherry-like wine Marsala. Nowadays, new planting techniques make it possible to plant the vines closer together so that a higher yield is achieved. This makes it possible to produce a dry white wine from the Grillo grape.

However, the harvest time is essential. In the first half of September, the Grillo grapes are harvested for the production of white wine. Then, in the second half of September, the grapes become overripe, making them rich in sugar. This makes them suitable for the production of Marsala.

How does the wine from the Grillo grape taste?

The Grillo gives fresh and fragrant white wines of great taste with characteristic plants and floral scents. Ranging from orchards with green pepper, jasmine and fruity white melon to pear and pineapple, along with delicious notes of citrus.