Tenuta Rapitala encompasses 225 hectares of vineyards located in the heart of Sicily. Here it was the parents of the current owner Count Laurent Bernard De La Gatinais who started the winery in 1968. Thanks to the French roots of Count Laurent Bernard De La Gatinais's father, Rapitala was the first Sicilian winery to plant international grapes. Today, the winery is known for its high quality and diversity of wines where tradition and innovation go hand in hand. In addition to winemaker Silvio Centonze responsible for the cellar, agriculturalist Ignazio Arena works in the vineyards. Both want to work as environmentally friendly as possible. To achieve this, renewable energy is used from windmills located on top of the hills surrounding the house. The name Rapitala is derived from Arabic and means land of god. Arabic texts and architecture can still be found in Sicily because the island has been Saracen in the past.