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Family-owned Rapaura Springs was founded in 2005 and is among the top 10 largest wineries in Marlborough. Purity and purity is what Rapaura Springs stands for. The water used for the vines comes from the water source Rapaura Spring, far away from the vineyards. This crystal clear and pure water from the Wairau River flows through the rocks and travels for 6 months to reach the vineyards. The word 'Rapaura' therefore means: running water. Within the New Zealand winery there is a lot of attention to detail and the makers strive to make the most exceptional, pure and pure wines. The wines are sustainably produced and have received critical acclaim from Harold Hammersma and Hubrecht Duijker, among others, and Sauvignon Blanc has been voted Worlds best Sauvignon Blanc at the 2015 International Spirit and Wine competition in London.