Vijariego Negro

Puro Rofe
2022 Puro Rofe Rofe Blanco
33.95 28.06
2021 Puro Rofe Mentidero
43.95 36.32
2022 Puro Rofe Juan Bello
46.50 38.43
2020 Puro Rofe Masdache
39.95 33.02
2020 Puro Rofe Chibusque
41.95 34.67
2020 Puro Rofe Tilama
41.95 34.67
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2020 Puro Rofe Chupadero
41.95 34.67
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For wine lovers, Lanzarote seems like paradise. Old autochthonous vines on lava soils, with Atlantic influences but for completely unclear reasons, the great potential is not exploited, and mainly simple tourist wines are produced. Rayco Fernández, a distributor, based in Gran Canaria, had the same feeling. So he decided to do something about it. He decided to make natural terroir wine on the island with some like-minded friends. And this is how exquisite wines happen and are made here in an extreme landscape.

Frequent volcanic eruptions plagued Lanzarote during its existence. The ones that gave the island its present shape were in 1730-1736 and 1824. The landscape that remained after that was perfect for viticulture. However, the vineyards had to be protected from the Saharan winds from Africa. The solution was the "Hoyos" or "rofes," excavated caves, sometimes 1 to 2 m deep, in which one vine was planted at a time. The result is impressive. We mainly work with white grapes; red grapes are rare on the island. The wines belong to the appellation: D.O. Lanzarote