Poderi Dal Nespoli

Winery Poderi Dal Nespoli is located in the village of Nespoli in the Romagna region, a historical region in Italy, in the southeastern part of the current region of Emilia-Romagna. In the year 1929, in a part of Romagna between the Apennines and the sea, Attilio Ravaioli planted the rows of vines on the first vineyard he bought in the village of Nespoli, called Prugneto. This was followed by others, which are now part of the company's 110-hectare property. The vineyard is located in the Bidente Valley, which has territorial features that are unique and almost magical. The exposure of the vineyards and the geography of the valley, which keep the vineyards well ventilated, contribute to a microclimate that is particularly favorable. The wines obtained - Sangiovese in particular - are the most authentic expression of this great terroir.

For winery Nespoli, cultivating the land means loving the land. For this reason, respect for the environment is something very natural for them. Nespoli is committed to minimizing the impact wine production has on the environment. This is done, among other things, by recycling heat & water, and by reducing noise nuisance. In addition, 95% of the energy used by the winery is generated using solar panels. Winery Poderi Dal Nespoli works with full dedication according to local, traditional methods, but also using modern production systems and the latest innovative technologies and machines. In addition, the winery is experimenting with the cultivation of non-native vines. For winery Nespoli it is extremely important to tell the story of this beautiful terroir through their wines. The winery wants to be the most authentic, innovative winery that does justice to the beautiful terroir with the lowest possible environmental impact.