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2018 Pio Cesare Barolo DOCG
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Barolo is also called the wine of kings and the king of wines, and for good reason! The key is to separate the wheat from the chaff, as there is still too much wine that doesn't live up to Barolo's standards. Many of these wines can be tough and lean because the Nebbiolo grape, from which Barolo wine is made, is one of the most challenging grapes.

Barolo wine

The Nebbiolo grape, which constitutes these red wines entirely, contains abundant tannins, which is why these wines require many years of aging before they can be enjoyed. Even after long aging, the tannins still provide a robust structure!

Combined with the multitude of flavors present in Barolo, such as violets, tar, licorice, chocolate, white truffle, cinnamon, dried fruit, mint, fresh and dried herbs, plums, wild berries, and tobacco, the tannin can lead to a surprising taste explosion.

Barolo holds the prestigious DOCG qualification (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita), the highest in Italy. This affirms the exceptional quality and authenticity of this magnificent wine from the Piemonte region.

Red Barolo Wine from Piemonte

Barolo wines, originating from the renowned Piemonte region in Northern Italy, embody the essence of elegance and refinement. Crafted from the Nebbiolo grape, Barolos are distinguished by their deep ruby-red hue and complex flavor profile.

When seeking an exceptional Barolo wine, it's crucial to opt for reputable wines from trustworthy producers. Consider the vintage year when selecting your Barolo, as those with several years of aging often exhibit superior development. Additionally, special offers present an excellent opportunity to acquaint yourself with the sublime world of Barolo.

Indulge in the refined flavors, rich aromas, and robust structure of this unique wine, and discover why Barolo rightfully holds the title of the king of wines from the enchanting Piemonte.

Buying Barolo Wine

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