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The best white wines in Italy come from the northeastern region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia (in short: Friuli). They are generally fresh, minerally, delicate and very skillfully made. Producer Pierpaolo Pecorari – located just 5 kilometers from the border with Slovenia, has a clear vision and mission: to make fair and pure wines that best reflect the terroir of Friuli. The estate is located in the Isonzo DOC, in the Rive Alte sub-zone. The Pecorari family has lived on this land for many generations, first as farmers, from the 18th century also as winemakers. In the 1970s, Pierpaolo took over the helm of the family business and viticulture became the main activity. Today the company is co-led by son Alessandro.

The deep bond that the Pecorari have with the land is translated into distinctive, terroir-driven wines. The basis of a pure and genuine wine lies in the vineyard and the land. The soil around the river Isonzo is light and stony, with a mix of rocky stones and sand. This relatively poor soil yields little but therefore extra tasty, concentrated grapes. Thanks to the fresh mountain air, the grapes also retain their beautiful acidity. Winemaking is the work and passion of the Pecorari family and freshness, minerality, complexity and elegance are the key words.