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Ribera del Duero

Ribera del Duero, located in the Spanish region of Castilla y León along the Duero River (known as Douro in Portugal), is a renowned wine region covering approximately 200,000 hectares. Surrounded by protective mountains that shield the valley from extreme climatic conditions, Ribera del Duero experiences temperature fluctuations, reaching almost 40 degrees Celsius in summer and dropping below freezing in winter. These harsh but diverse temperatures, coupled with the region's high altitude, play a pivotal role in producing the high-quality wines for which Ribera del Duero is famous.

More information about Ribera del Duero

The main grape variety in Ribera del Duero is Tinto Fino, also known as Tinta del País, a local variant of Tempranillo. This grape thrives in the challenging conditions of the region, covering 95% of the total vineyard area. Unlike in Rioja, Tinto Fino here is often cultivated as a monoculture due to the region's elevation and soil composition, resulting in fine, complex wines. The Designation of Origin (D.O.) requires a minimum of 75% Tinto Fino in the wines. Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha Tinta, Malbec, Merlot, and Albillo are classified as permitted varieties. Garnacha Tinta, also known as Tinto Aragonés, is primarily used for producing rosé wines in Ribera del Duero.

Ribera del Duero's winemaking traditions have evolved, embracing both old techniques and modern innovations. Wineries like Vega Sicilia have been trendsetters, employing methods such as fermenting in open vats and aging wines for extended periods before bottling. Modern practices include fermenting after stealing and before pressing, with some bodegas using gravity-flow systems to handle the grapes and wine gently.

Ribera del Duero's climate

The region's extreme climate is a defining feature, described locally as "9 months of winter, 3 months of hell." Ribera del Duero experiences approximately 2400 hours of sunshine per year. The significant temperature variation between day and night during the growing season, owing to the vineyards' elevation between 720 to 1,100 meters above sea level, is crucial. Warm days allow grapes to ripen perfectly, while cold nights preserve acidity, resulting in well-balanced wines. This diurnal temperature range, combined with the unique "Meseta Central" plateau's location, imparts Ribera del Duero wines with a distinct character. Full-bodied, ripe, and powerful, these wines maintain a pleasant acidity, ensuring finesse and balance.

The Duero River, after which the D.O. is named, plays a vital role, moderating vineyard temperatures and protecting against frost. Additionally, the river contributes stone-rich deposits and creates diverse soil profiles, including limestone and clay in higher vineyards.

The presence of ancient, deep-rooted vines further enhances Ribera del Duero's wine quality. These old vines, resilient and capable of accessing rich soil nutrients, yield grapes with concentrated flavors, adding complexity to the wines.

Notable wineries like Pago de Carraovejas, Matarromera, and Vega Sicilia, along with many others, continue to shape Ribera del Duero's reputation. Their commitment to excellence and innovative approaches have propelled the region into the global spotlight, making it a destination for wine enthusiasts seeking exceptional, powerful, and balanced wines. Ribera del Duero's wines, a testament to its unique terroir and winemaking heritage, stand as a testament to the region's dedication to producing world-class wines.

Pago de Carraovejas