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South Africa is one of the 'new wine countries'. However, wine has been grown here since 1652. The Dutch who started this in South Africa did not know much about wine, but after a few years the French appeared on the scene and they knew more about it. In that time, the South African wine has also improved considerably in quality. The temperature in South Africa is very high, which is why most wine-growing areas are on the coast. The sea breeze provides an ideal climate for growing grapes. Many areas can be found around Western Cape.

You will also find the beautiful town of Stellenbosch in this area. This place is all about growing wine. The residents are very hospitable and you can enjoy a good wine and the beautiful landscape here. Grand Cru wines have a nice range of naturally good South African wines. Products such as Warwick, Spier, Jordan, Wetshof, Creation, Buitenverwachting and Olifantsberg have been among our best-selling South African wines for years.