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The Melior winery is part of the Grupo Matarromera and is best known for its Value for Money wines. So an excellent wine made at a very interesting price with the vision of Matarromera. At Melior, as a 100% part of Matarromera, the same principles around sustainability apply, so here too the winery generates more energy than it consumes with windmills, biomass and solar panels. Melior has vineyards in the Rueda where they make the beautiful Verdejos and Sauvignon Blanc and a vineyard in the Ribera del Duero for the red Tempranillo version.

Other well-known wineries of Grupo Matarromera include Bodegas Cyan (Toro) and Carlos Moro (CM) a winery in the Rioja.

Following the winemaking tradition of his Castilian ancestors, Carlos Moro made his dream come true, and in 1988 founded the Matarromera bodega in Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid) with a clear goal in mind: to prepare quality wines with the most advanced technology and traditional preparation methods. The biggest challenge Carlos Moro took on was his choice of new barrels for maturing his wines, an initiative that was new in this area at the time. Another key to Matarromera's immediate success was its excellent vineyards, right in the "golden mile" of Ribera del Duero. Today, a quarter of a century later, Carlos Moro continues to design projects, making more and more sophisticated wines. Matarromera's focus on quality wines stems from the vineyard itself. Thanks to the work started by Carlos Moro's ancestors, loving care of the vineyard has been a constant factor. No fuss in the Bodega, but a good wine comes from a top vineyard.

At Grupo Matarromera sustainability is very important and the Matarromera Group was chosen by IESE [Institute of Higher Business Studies] in 2007 as the most environmentally friendly organization in Spain. The winery currently generates more energy than it consumes. Each bodega of the Matarromera group is a sustainable building and designed to utilize natural lighting, provide optimal insulation and use both rainwater and waste water effectively.