Little Beauty

A true masterpiece by winemaker Eveline Fraser. We didn't expect anything else from her. For years she was the winemaker at the famous Cloudy Bay. However, she has now founded her own winery: Little Beauty. And as the name already makes clear, she goes for quality and not quantity. The winery is small, but all attention goes to the bottles.

Love at first sight!. We know New Zealand from its nature scenes, lambs and the native Kiwi bird. And suddenly there was wine. The country has a very important agricultural economy and only discovered in 1969 that the cool and maritime climate could also produce high-quality wines. It's all in the name; "Little Beauty". An elegant appearance from New Zealand from a special and small piece of vineyard. The grapes for these unique wines thrive in Waihopai Valley, Marlborough. The grape vines are on our own vineyard and the wine making process is entirely in-house, which is unique in New Zealand. The owners and winemaker are true adventurers and have traveled around the wine world to make these iconic wines with a lot of experience, passion and pride. Because the terroir has so much to offer, the winemaker has also planted other grape varieties and that is a real surprise. Little Beauty is a 100% sustainable vineyard, which means that they only use 100% sustainable viticulture techniques and flora and fauna are always central.

At Little Beauty we love the land and the flora and fauna, so taking good care of the environment is an absolute priority. Little Beauty wines are made with 100% sustainable viticulture techniques so that the vineyard has received New Zealand's 100% sustainable accreditation.

Furthermore, resource management is always at the forefront of our daily agenda. As such, the vineyard has one of the most advanced irrigation infrastructures in the region, which provides greater flexibility and better management of water resources. In addition, a very advanced climate measuring network has been installed throughout the vineyard. At 15-minute intervals, a series of climate data variables are collected. This includes;

Soil temperature
Soil moisture
Evapo perspiration
Wind speed
Wind direction

This data supports daily viticultural decisions. So people are using technology to work in harmony with Mother Nature... See, that's how it should be.

Little Beauty