Josep Maria Castillo

La Madre Pink Vermouth
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La Madre Vermouth
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A mini project by Josep Maria Castillo. He was an oenologist in several better domains in Terra Alta, but always wanted to do his own thing. The vermouth's revival brought him back to his roots. Vermouth has always been a popular drink in the 1960s and 70s across Europe. After years of dormant existence, there is now a real revival with all kinds of small family projects that go back to the roots and bring high-quality and original products to the market.

Josep makes the vermouth wines of Garnatxa blanca and Macabeu.

Botanicals: gentian, nutmeg, tansy, lavender, vanilla, royal thistle, licorice, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, wormwood, centaury, sweet almonds.


Terra Alta in the south of Catalunya is a diverse landscape with poor soils, where the Garnatxa blanca in particular is the variety of choice. The botanicals mainly used herbs from this Mediterranean biotope.


The botanicals are hydrated in amphorae for 24 hours. Wine is then added to the hydrated botanicals, after which the maceration starts for 30 days. The result is the mother essence of the vermouth or "la Madre del Vermouth". This mother essence is aged in oak barrels for 6 months to create even better complexity between the botanicals. Then white wine based on Garnatxa blanca and Macabeu is added to the mother essence and macerates for 15 days. After that the vermouth is ready for bottling.