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The defining factor that characterizes the low rolling hills around the Limoux area of ​​Languedoc is that the cooling effect of the Atlantic Ocean is felt here. This effect extends a few kilometers inland from the Mediterranean, south of the legendary UNESCO site of Carcassonne. While the area is widely known for its long-standing production of the traditional carbonated wine referred to as Méthode Ancestrale or Blanquette de Limoux. It also produces reds and whites, and these wines, including Chardonnays, are particularly sought after, because this area gives this grape a whole different character because of the cool winds and cooling at night.

In addition to the beautiful fruit, the grape also gets sufficient acidity. The area is the only AOC of Languedoc where the production of white wine requires oak fermentation and aging to temper the tart acidity of the fruit harvested from the Limoux hills, as is the case with wines from Burgundy. The wines based on Mauzac and Chardonnay develop notes of vanilla, candied apple, and pear or citrus, depending on which variety dominates. These wines may also carry the occasional hazelnut bouquet. There is also a small production of red wines, mainly made from Merlot, Côt/Malbec, Grenache, and Syrah.

The region has, without doubt, gained a lot of popularity from the 90s onward by pioneers such as Domaine Paul Mas, which have given a push with its Astruc & Paul Mas wines. And they have been imitated to the point where Limoux is now mainly seen as the appellation with high quality white wines at a very reasonable price level - this in contrast to many other regions where price/quality is sometimes completely lost.