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Is Israel a wine country? Certainly and for a long time. Thousands of old wine presses have been found. The oldest is estimated at over 6,500 years. So yes, Israel is actually a very old wine country. But on the other hand, investments have been made in wine growing again since 1880, thanks to Baron Edmond de Rothschild (Lafite). So if you look at it this way, Israel might be one of the New Winelands. In any case, it is rather unknown, so there is still much to discover. Like everywhere in the world in the best wine regions, everything revolves around the 'terroir', the combination of soil and climate.

Similarly in Israel at Golan Heights Winery. Although Israel originally has a warm climate, the vineyards of this winery, due to its elevated position, are still classified as 'cool climate'. This, combined with the volcanic subsoil, makes their wines among the top in the world. The most famous wine guide on Israeli wines, Rogov, gives Golan Heights Winery 5 stars and writes, “From the time they produced their first wines in 1984, there is no doubt that Golan Heights Winery has placed Israel on the world wine list. They are the leader in quality of the country. The chief winemaker, Victor Schoenfeld, knows what he is doing. He has had his training in California, France and Australia and combines old and new world style ”. The Yarden wines are the figurehead of the winery. Here the most beautiful grapes from the best vineyards come together. The name refers to the Jordan River (Yarden in Hebrew), which separates the Golan Heights from the Galilee. In addition to the Yarden wines, there are the Gamla wines. Gamla was an ancient city on the Golan Heights, after which these accessible wines are named. Slightly less complicated but very pure.