The Schönleber family stands behind the Emrich Schönleber wines and this now belongs to the absolute top with Parker ratings of their Grosses Gewächs of up to the maximum score of 100 points

The intensive, detail-obsessed work naturally starts in the vineyard. It is thanks to Werner Schönleber's more than forty years of professional experience that the vineyards are cared for in an ideal way. He has a feeling for when and how the work should be done. This is important because every year brings new challenges. Frank Schönleber is also often seen in the vineyard during the growing season. With the harvest, however, his focus clearly shifts to the cellar, where he personally guides each wine from grape to bottling. Due to the daily handling of the wines, he has a good sense of their properties and knows how to deal with them.

The history of Emrich Schönleber

In the middle of the 18th century, wills of the Emrichs (the ancestors) give the first indications about wine-growing in the family.

In 1815, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote: "Now the association praised a wine grown in their area called 'Monzinger'. It is said to be easy and pleasant to drink, but before you know it, it would head must rise.

1834 Johann Philipp Bronner: "Meanwhile, the state of the Monzinger Berg seems to justify the reputation of the wine there, which is why it is so expensive in price and one of the best wines in the Nahe region." (Viticulture in the province of Rheinhessen, in the Nahethal and Moselthal)

1960s The estate was operated as a mixed business (agriculture, livestock, viticulture). This was so common then, since the risk of bad harvests (due to late frost, poor flowering, fungal diseases, etc.) was still very high in viticulture. Only very wealthy families (often industrialists) could afford a pure winery.

In 1965-1985 Wilhem Schönleber (born in Swabia) and later his son Werner Schönleber restructured the company into a pure winery. The wine-growing area grew from approximately 2 to 10 hectares during this period.

1991 With an increasing share of Riesling and an ever-improving portfolio of sites, Werner Schönleber led the winery in the group of the "100 best wineries in Germany" (according to the magazine "DM").

1994 It was included in the VDP, the Association of German Prädikatsweingüter.

Today, about 20 hectares of vineyards are cultivated. The Riesling has reached a share of more than 85%, supplemented by Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc. We have now succeeded in making our way to the top. The relevant wine guides in Germany agree: "World class" rating.