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When the founders of Du Toitsklof wines dreamed of their young, innovative winery, they knew the journey was as important as the destination - Du Toitskloof Wines was founded by six winegrowers as a cooperative in 1962. In the early years, they were mainly producers of bulk wine. Still, after the winery began concentrating on the bottled wine market in the early 1990s, the company quickly gained a reputation as an innovative brand, both for innovative winemaking and as an advocate of social engagement for South Africa, as a Fairtrade producer.
The winery is based on three principles;
1. Always supplying a product of the highest quality,
2. Consistency in the wines
3. Never having to make unethical compromises

The title Fairtrade means a lot to the farm workers of the 22 farms and 13 members. In 2005, Du Toitskloof Wijnen became one of the first wineries in South Africa to become a member. For example, Du Toitskloof Fairtrade initiatives have ensured that more than 2500 people benefit visibly from the various projects, including nurseries, a mobile clinic, good education, a bus service, further adult training, and many information projects.

Du Toitskloof sources most of their grapes from the Breedekloof Valley, all within a 10km radius of their cellars. These are vineyards on cold mountain slopes, alluvial soils with a high water retention capacity, and sandy and rocky soils with a wide range of terroirs. The grapes are picked when they have reached their optimum ripeness with intense color and flavor spectrum. Early in warm summers, the vineyards are shaded by the high peaks of the Du Toitskloof Mountains, leading to slow maturation and intensity of flavors. White wines produce tropical aromas of guava, pineapple, and gooseberries, while the red wines have fruity dark currant, cherry, blackcurrant, and raspberry nuances in the smell and taste.

Quest Premium line. These wines are tributed to the many generations of winegrowers who, in search of perfection, contributed to our quest for this premium wine line. Du Toitskloof selects from various vineyards for great taste, creating with great care unique wines with an individual, rich, and full of character.

Du Toitskloof Wines