Dominio de Atauta

The wine importer Miguel Sánchez's trip to Atauta was a fluke for the entire region. Passing through the Ribera del Duero, he discovered the small valley with its ancient, deserted vineyards, more than 400-year-old wine cellars, ancient cellar vaults and even the stone wine presses from the 13th century were still available. A wine wonderland that has fallen asleep.

The east of the DO was known to be difficult to exploit, as the vines are at a considerable height of nearly 1,000 meters. Miguel Sánchez came, saw and conquered: the youngest Tempranillo vines are 60 years old, the oldest vines are up to 160 years old, really incredible. An immense wealth! They immediately gave exceptionally beautiful results, after the wild plots were kissed awake. With the release of the first wines, it immediately became clear that this was not only one of the best wines from all over the country, but even from all over the world! The strict organic and parcel for parcel separately brought up wines are among the best ever extracted from the grape variety Tempranillo.