Domaines Ott
2022 Domaines Ott Château Romassan Bandol Coeur de Grain Rose
39.95 33.02
2022 Domaines Ott Château Romassan Bandol Coeur de Grain Rose Magnum
89.95 74.34
2020 Domaines Ott Cuvée Étoile Rosé
99.95 82.60
2022 Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Coeur de Grain Rose
39.95 33.02 As low as 35.95
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Rosé, a delightful wine crafted from blue grapes with the occasional addition of white grapes, unveils a notably lighter hue than its red counterpart. Contrary to the widespread belief, rosé is not a blend of red and white wines. This practice is prohibited in many places across Europe, with Champagne being a notable exception. There are two methods for producing Rosé.

The first option involves allowing the skins of the blue grapes a shorter maceration period, resulting in an elegant, lighter colour compared to red wine.

The second option is to press the grapes directly, employing the same process used for white wine. This ensures a subtle infusion of colour from the skins into the wine. Care must be taken during pressing to avoid extracting excessive tannins, which are undesirable in a rosé.

The Diversity of Rosé Wines

Rosé wines come in various variants, offering a wide range of flavours. While they often peak one to two years after bottling, dispelling the myth that this applies to all rosés, some, cultivated at lower temperatures or subjected to wood ageing, actually improve with time. Consuming them too early may result in missing out on complexity, leaving them somewhat overly fruity.

International Production of Rosé

France, particularly the Provence region, is renowned as a leading producer of high-quality rosé wines, contributing a quarter of global production. Other European countries, including Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Italy with its famous Tuscan wine region, also partake in the rosé renaissance. At Grandcruwijnen, we offer an exquisite selection of these diverse and premium rosé wines.

Top rosé wines undergo a similar treatment as top Meursault or Bourgogne, involving stringent selection, wood ageing, lees contact, the finest vineyards, and other factors contributing to their excellence.

Rosé, Colour as a Guide, Flavour as King

The colour of rosé is determined by the grape and does not necessarily indicate its taste. For instance, a Cabernet rosé might be darker than a Cinsault, yet both can offer a crisp and fresh fruity flavour. At Grandcruwijnen, we embrace the diversity of rosé wines and assist you in making the perfect selection, regardless of your taste preferences.

Order Rosé Wine Online at Grandcruwijnen

Whether you're seeking the renowned MIP, AIX, Ott, Minuty, Miraval, Enate, Musar, Tropez, Château d'Esclans, or other premium rosé wines, we have them in stock. At Grandcruwijnen, we strive for quality not only in our selection but also in your experience. Allow us to guide you through the refined world of rosé wines.